Your Favorite Stars Of The 80s, Where Are They Now?

The celebrity news of the’80s has been a varied age of vibrant fashion, shoulder pads, big hair, loud cosmetics, psychedelic music, and tricky picture soundtracks. Let’s not overlook that the trendy celebs who put the bar for this time–we would not have had all those things!

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It has been nearly three years since, and we are confident that you have to wonder where a number of the greatest names of those celebrities
’80s birthdays are around and where they’re now. Age has caught up with many of those celebrity’s news and what constitutes lots is some sort of struggle with the addiction or health problems. However, on the other hand, nearly all of our faves pull through in success. Continue reading..!

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Grace Jones – 72

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It has been great leverage for a triple threat from the amusement business, and Grace Jones assesses each of the boxes. She is a successful celebrity, singer/songwriter, and version — most of which have helped her build her career earnings around $7 million. As a celebrity, Jones emerged in many action movies in the’70s and the’80s such as Conan the Destroyer. She also featured in the James Bond movie A View to a Kill and the 1986 horror film, Vamp. Her brother Bishop Noel Jones starred in the reality TV show, Preachers of all LA..


Kate Jackson – 70

Kate Jackson is best known for her character in Charlie’s Angel, a TV series, in which she played with the character of Sabrina Duncan. She’s a brilliant performer, director, and producer. Jackson was popular in her time as a result of her acting that got her nominated three times to get an Emmy Award and four occasions to get the Golden Globe Award.

Her lovers were constantly ecstatic when she guest-starred in TV series such as Ally McBeal (1997), Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (2002), and also the famed Criminal Minds (2007). The 80’s celebrity Kate is a two-time survivor of breast cancer that’s why she’s seen advocating early screening to capture any symptoms of breast cancer.

She got celebrity endorsement and was awarded the Power of Love award in 2003 from the American Heart Association due to her constant effort to make the masses conscious of breast cancer.

Judd Nelson

The 80’s celebrity actor rose to fame after he starred as the rebellion John Bender inside the cult movie The Breakfast membership and Alec Newbury in St.

Elmo’s fire, honestly cementing his role inside the Brat p.c. clan.

Nelson’s tv series star profession carried on, and he later appeared in hit television series such CSI, Psych, and a half guys.

The actor also has hidden expertise as a writer and has even released 4 books to Amazon’s Kindle.

Don Johnson

international audiences still remember him as Sonny Crockett, a dapper detective from the television series “Miami Vice” (1984-ninety). The display fetched him a Golden Globe in 1986. He has been unable to copy his achievement for the reason that ’90s display “Nash Bridges” (1996-2001).
In recent years, he seemed within the films “Django Unchained” (2012) and “the opposite woman” (2014). He made news for his short-lived marriages to Melanie Griffith that brought about the beginning in their daughter Dakota in 1989.

Ricky Schroder

Schroder became just 12 years old while he won the main role on the hit ’80s television sitcom Silver Spoons.
In an interview with Oprah, the now maximum lately NYPD Blue alum stated: “I shaggy dog story with my kids, ‘, Dad wasn’t as large as Justin Bieber, however Dad was quite large when he changed into 15!’”

Andrew Mcarthy

some other strong Brat percent fellow, Andrew McCarthy joined his costars in St. Elmo’s hearth in 1985 and quite In pink in 1986.
The actor then transitioned to extra television roles, starring in Lipstick Jungle and White Collar, amongst others, before maximum currently appearing in Royal Pains.


Lisa Bonet

The lovely Lisa Bonet will all the time be in our hearts as Denise Huxtable from The Cosby display and its derivative, A one-of-a-kind global. however Bonet longed to shed herself of the healthy teenager and university pupil she played for so long, and did so in the supernatural thriller Angel heart in 1987
She even engaged in an specific intercourse scene on display screen with co-star Mickey Rourke. Bonet has taken some hiatuses during her career to elevate her family, but she’s simply saved one foot in the industry. She and husband Jason Momoa, who’s set to enter the DCEU as Aquaman in the approaching Justice League, make an unbelievably warm couple.

Jennifer gray

Patrick Swayze famously declared, “no person puts baby in a corner!” in dirty Dancing, however actress Jennifer gray’s strangely low profile for the reason that 1987 film left many fanatics wondering wherein she did move. It was a dramatic “nose process from hell” that supposed that her superstar diminished and her burgeoning profession took a complete one-of-a-kind path.
Jennifer famously had surgery within the early ’90s, an operation that left her unrecognizable and has been accused of affecting her career. “I went into the -operating room a ¬movie star and got here out anonymous,” she told The mirror in 2012. “It become the nose process from hell. I’ll usually be this once-famous actress no one -acknowledges because of a nostril job.”


Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer’s first role changed into as the “Bombshell” inside the brief-lived series Delta house, primarily based at the film Animal residence, however she proved to be a lot greater than just a splendid face over time. Her real ruin came whilst she starred because the epitome of an ice princess in the 1983 Scarface, and matters simply soared from there.
She is thought for sultry Catwoman, and has also picked up 3 Oscar nominations for her wonderful turns in risky Liaisons, suitable Baker Boys and Love field. The actress has taken a few short hiatuses in her profession, but yep, she’s nonetheless were given it.

Ally Sheedy

After making her growing film debut in 1983’s terrible Boys, Sheedy then went on to efficiently celebrity in other hit films including WarGames, The Breakfast club, St. Elmo’s fireplace, short Circuit
She additionally landed a role on tv within the tv series Psych.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is instantly recognizable as the famous mermaid from Splash, which she starred in with Tom Hanks.
You couldn’t find a greater opposite position than the one she performed in Kill invoice Vol. 2, wherein she duked it out with Uma Thurman and lost an eye fixed inside the process.

Sean Astin – 48

Sean Astin Wasn’t new to the Displays when he acted at the Lord of the Rings trilogy as Samwise Gamji. But, his very first look in The Goonies did not do in addition to the trilogy failed in demonstrating his excellent acting skills. Interestingly, Astin needed to get 35 to 40 pounds to play the role of Samwise and that he had a poor experience on place. We expect he’d injury insurance!

Drew Barrymore – 44

Drew Barrymore stole hearts along with her performance on E.T. ThExtra-Terrestrial. The movie as published in 1982 and it was the start of a roller-coaster trip for Barrymore. It was quite plain to see that Barrymore was created to be a celebrity.

It’s not a well-known reality, but Barrymore fought with substance abuse throughout her adolescent years, which silenced her achievement. The main point was that she ended up coming out blank, and now, she’s a family of her own and also a hit movie career. Barrymore isn’t now in a relationship and has not been one for four decades, as she shared Valentine’s Day of 2019.

Jason Patric – 52

The Famous 80’s celebrity birthday:

Jason Patric is a descendant of Jackie Gleeson, the famed comedian-actor who appears to be his grandfather. Jason opted to not be a comic, but instead to take on serious roles in movies like people in The Lost Boys, Rush, Speed 2: Cruise Control, and maybe even Sleepers. While he has not slipped into retirement just yet, his projects and his characters have slowed over the last few decades. He’s only recently obtained parental rights over his son, that had been conceived through artificial insemination.

Chow Yun Fat – 63

Asian actor Chow Yun Fat has enjoyed a lengthy and productive career because he shot to fame in the’80s, however he began acting at the’70s. He was called Patrick Chow. Chow Yun fat has collaborated with John Woo at the majority of his actions heroic bloodshed movies. His list of credits includes The Killer, A Much Better Tomorrow, and Hard Boiled.

He is estimated to be worth a whopping $723 million, also in 2018he pledged to contribute to charity by providing up his whole fortune. The Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger celebrity seemingly spends only about $800 each month regardless of being a multi-millionaire, this is the last celebrity Chow Yun Fat news.

Christopher Lambert – 61

We cant talk about the celebrity 80’s birthday without the famous Christopher Lambert;

Christopher Lambert was engaged in the entertainment business since 1963 but it had been his looks in’80s films like Highlander that helped him clinch additional characters. Lambert is one of the list of elderly actors that aren’t planning to call it quits any time soon with a scheduled appearance from the 2019 crime thriller, The Blacklist.

And the- last celebrity news-Lambert suffers from deep myopia and he desires his prescription eyeglasses constantly to have the ability to see. He is virtually blind with them and he is really injured himself while doing stunts without wearing his eyeglasses.

Debbie Harry – 73

The multi-talented Deborah Harry gained fame back in the’70s and the’80s as the lead singer of this group, Blondie. While using the group, her records hit the waves, reaching the number one place on both the US and UK charts. In 1981, the then-36-year-old triumphed as a solo artist, and she released five solo records.

Not merely is Debbie Harry a singer/songwriter, but she’s also into modeling and acting that has featured in many movies throughout the course of her profession. Harry frees her time to charity work, especially to causes which goal in battling cancer.

Cyndi Lauper – 65

There’s absolutely nobody alive who hasn’t heard or perhaps sung along to some Cyndi Lauper hit tune! She gained fame for her singing ability, but also because of her distinctive voice and bizarre style. However, her achievement had been shadowed by bouts of poverty, dependency, and even melancholy. She sought therapy and bounced back following her treatment. The audio last celebrity news superstar is lately keeping herself occupied with promoting the rights of the LGBT community.

Peter Weller – 71

The majority of us grew up seeing just about every single Robocop film and TV show that came out, and we all could thank the 80’s celebrity birthday actor Peter Weller for bringing our cherished bot into life. His function in the set of movies opened more doors for him and he appeared in different productions such as Buckaroo, Dexter, Monk, Fringe, and 24. Given that he is still laying the groundwork for his retirement preparation by picking up additional work, he is guaranteed to retire with his personal fortune estimated at $8 million. In 2018, Weller led episodes of this 2018 TV reveals MacGyver, Magnum P.I, Mr. Mercedes, and Mayans MC.

Richard Gere – 69

Of course, we can’t talk about 80’s and celebrity news without the famous Richard Gere;

Richard Gere has been and still is, eye candy. He had a great deal going for him right from the start of his career in Hollywood in 1971. His charisma, good looks, and excellent acting skills put up him for greatness. But regrettably, several bad choices in films and roles left him with a profession much less successful than that which he could have likely attained. Nonetheless, Gere remains a “hot property” and was the first man to be showcased in Vogue magazine!

George Michael – 53

George Michael is an 80’s celebrity birthday with no introduction. , a music band that churned out hit after hit. In addition, he made it big as a solo performer.

Regrettably, in George Michael’s situation, his riches and fame proved to be a recipe because of his drug misuse. He struggled with several brushes with the law as a consequence of his dependence. In addition, he checked into a private rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland, and we think he should really be making progress!

Tamilee Webb – 60

Tamilee Webb gained Fame in the’80s and the’90s Because of Her Looks on Buns of Steel and on Abs of Steel. These educational programs generated over $10 million in earnings. At 59, she seems unbelievably amazing and we presume it is because she has maintained a lifestyle that is healthy, and she possesses a set of DVDs offering identical advice. She also featured both FitTV and ESPN Fitness Experts. Webb has a master’s degree in physical education and she is the present CEO of a San-Diego-based sports club named Webb International. Webb is married to plastic surgeon Paul Chasan.

Michael Jackson – 50

The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, certainly does not require any introduction. Although he’s passed, we doubt he’ll require a debut for a few generations ahead. Regardless of his innumerable controversies, he was an icon and a power to reckon with in the audio market.

He’s the only artist to have received eight Grammy awards in only 1 night! He’s an exceptionally talented person, who will be missed for many reasons! Having a massive net value, he left his three kids -as like all the celebrity kids-with greater than enough inheritance to encourage them.

Jesse Ventura – 69

Jesse Ventura’s 2019 net worth of $6M says he has had a fairly great experience financially within his life. His career was a mixture of careers, of which behaving was among these. He discovered to be a difficult man during the Vietnam War as a US Navy underwater demolition team member.

He interpreted this toughness into the wrestling ring, and as a WWE color commentator. For his job as a celebrity, he’d look in the films, The Running Man and Predator. That is 1 person you want to believe twice about messing with!

C. Thomas Howell – 52

Who has not watched Steven Spielberg’s 1982 masterpiece, E.T. that the Extra-Terrestrial? the celebrity news C. Thomas Howell was really the older brother of Elliot in the iconic movie, but Howell is recognized for having played’Ponyboy Curtis’ at The Outsiders.

He was a teenaged sensation! Quite reluctantly, in 2003, Howell’s appendix ruptured, and that he nearly lost his life as an outcome. He failed a gastric bypass operation that led to a dramatic weight reduction, which he worked tirelessly to get back!

Delta Burke – 62

Delta Burke is recognized for having acted in Designing Women, and she was a stunner! She had been nominated for 2 Emmy Awards for her performance at the CBS series, in which she starred as Suzanne Sugarbaker.

The last time we watched her onscreen was 2019 when she appeared in an episode of Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings. She’s still stunning, although she sports a very different appearance from what she’d back afterward — thanks to plastic surgery she’d completed, which stunned and upset several lovers! She acted in Counter Culture in 2012.

Steve Guttenberg

Guttenberg is instantly recognizable from his part within the traditional Police Academy

but additionally regarded in films including 3 guys and an infant throughout the 80s.

Guttenberg has saved busy with visitor appearances in suggests consisting of celebration Down and network, and he’s additionally been solid in Sharknado four, of all things.

Rachel Ward – 61

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Rachel Ward left college when she was only a teenager to have a shot. Before coming into the States, she had graced the cover of magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan. When she came to America, she landed her most notable acting function, the among Meggie Cleary on The Thorn Birds.

She is also played Fortress and The Big House. The last time we watched Ward on screen was at the 2016 drama movie The Death and Life of Otto Bloom. Presently, Ward is largely focused on directing, sitting on a 10-million net value.

Steven Seagal – 68

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Over the Law is the movie that helped cement Steven Seagal’s location in Hollywood as an action star. He puts his martial art skills to great use with each role he chooses, and he picked up the artwork when residing in Japan between 1971 and 1973. He is estimated to have amassed a private fortune totaling about the 16-million variety. His wealth comes in the multiple hats that he wears as a performer, screenwriter, producer, martial artist, and artist. Seagal has to be utilizing this luck about the best criminal defense lawyer he can get, due to the physical assault and harassment charges brought against him by numerous girls in 2018.