Your Favorite Stars Of The 80s, Where Are They Now?’

Kate Jackson – 70

Kate Jackson is best known for her character in Charlie’s Angel, a TV series, in which she played with the character of Sabrina Duncan. She’s a brilliant performer, director, and producer. Jackson was popular in her time as a result of her acting that got her nominated three times to get an Emmy Award and four occasions to get the Golden Globe Award.

Her lovers were constantly ecstatic when she guest-starred in TV series such as Ally McBeal (1997), Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (2002), and also the famed Criminal Minds (2007). The 80’s celebrity Kate is a two-time survivor of breast cancer that’s why she’s seen advocating early screening to capture any symptoms of breast cancer.

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She got celebrity endorsement and was awarded the Power of Love award in 2003 from the American Heart Association due to her constant effort to make the masses conscious of breast cancer.

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