What Superfoods Keep Your Heart Beating? Read On To Unclog Your Arteries And Ward Off Heart Attacks!

You know what doesn’t sound good? High blood pressure. Diabetes. Clogged arteries. High cholesterol. Obesity.

you know what does sound good? Superfoods.

The heroes your heart needs are listed conveniently below for your dieting needs. You don’t have the time to scan through medical studies or take nutrition classes – luckily we do. Those problems we used to scare you into reading this article are easily prevented, in part, by changing your diet with all or some of the delectable superfoods we’ve listed below. Stay healthy with these hearty superfoods!


This soccer mom staple is more than an energy boost for pre-teens at halftime! On top of quenching your thirst, you’ll gain some serious nutrients: vitamin C, potassium, and pectin (which is fiber). Turns out, potassium isn’t just for bananas; it also helps lower blood pressure, moderate sodium intake, and neutralize proteins that contribute to heart scar tissue or heart failure. Pectin plays an important role too and helps absorb the cholesterol in foods.

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Beyond being the most joked about cabbage, kale brings the heart as well as the laughs. Whether you massage it before tossing it in a salad or mix it into a smoothie, kale is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and (you guessed it) more fiber! Kale leads the leafy greens as far as heart health goes, as it helps with maintain the cardiovascular system and helps prevent heart disease. Naturally, it’s low in fat and calories as well, which rounds out this near perfect leaf quite well.


One of the most versatile foods on our list, garlic provides the flavor, vampire repellant, and heart boost! Although it may be the least exciting on that list, garlic reduces enzymes that negatively impact your blood vessels and tackles the plaque in your arteries. Knowing vampires won’t be around won’t be the only reason your blood pressure is lowered when this bulbous plant is a key part of your diet.
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