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Water to lose weight How does water help you in that?

Our body is 70% water, so it makes complete sense that water is healthy.

We need to appreciate the importance of water to our health. Water constitutes around two-thirds of our body mass and is essential for the healthy function of all cells and tissues.

How Much Water To lose weight Do We need A Day?

Less than one in 10 of us drinks the recommended amount to stay healthy, which is eight glasses a day. The worst offenders are people aged over 45 – 18 percent in this age group drink no water at all.

Adults need 30 to 35ml of fluid for every kilo of weight.

So a 50kg (eight stone) person needs 1.1litres a day while someone weighing 75kg (12 stone) needs 1.75 liters.

Around one-third of your water can come from fruit and vegetables like oranges, apples, grapes, broccoli, and tomatoes

Without adequate water for prolonged periods, the body becomes chronically dehydrated contributing to organ dysfunction.


Lack of water will lead to:

water to lose weight


-increased muscle tension, sometimes to the point of cramped muscles,

-can be a common and significant contributor to headaches

-and lower back pain.

We have heard the “two liters per day” mantra for many years, but is this enough for everyone? The research discovered the consumption of adequate water was able to help with many health ills

recommends approximately 1 liter of water per 25-30kg of body weight depending on the climate, season and level of activity.

This translates to around 3–3.5 liters per day for an average male of 86kg.

Water to lose weight: drink it cold  or warm

water to lose weight

Another research suggests that drinking more water does help with

weight loss especially when followed long term. However, there is no connection with the temperature of the water.

Drinking cold water does have some benefits but they are not weight loss related.

4 Ways drinking more Water will help you lose weight:

So, the secret to losing weight could simply be a glass of water.

1-Water fills up the stomach:

water to lose weight

While prescription-only weight-loss drugs cut the body’s ability to absorb fat or tinker with the brain’s chemistry,

water simply fills up the stomach and helps you feel fuller it suppress your appetite, so when you feel hungry drinking some water can help you pinpoint how ravenous you are.

2-Drinking water to lose weight fast:

water to lose weight
water to lose weight 

Dieters who down two glasses of water before each meal shed more pounds than those who only count calories, a study shows.

The American researchers compared weight loss among dieters who drank just under a pint of water before each meal with those who simply watched what they ate.

Over three months, the water drinkers each lost an average of 15.5lb, 5lb more than the non-water drinkers, the American Chemical Society’s annual conference heard.

3-Water helps you in workout performance:

if you don’t drink enough water during the workout, your performance will suffer to make it easier for your body to perform at its best and drink enough water to stay hydrated.

4-Water rev up your metabolism:

The researchers showed that drinking about 17 ounces of water temporarily speed up the participants metabolic rate by 30%.

and the more your metabolism is high the more you lose weight faster

If that is not enough, water is also, of course, calorie-free and readily available.


We are all continually losing water, which must be replaced to keep our body in balance, Even when we are not visibly sweating we are still losing it every time we breathe

So, Now We know the importance of  Water to lose weight easily

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