This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Refined Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible

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health enthusiast Shannon Cooper decided to raise her baby in another way because the day she was born. toddlers do no longer come with a manual, but Shannon selected to never ever feed her daughter, Grace, any sugar or carbohydrates as part of her strict consuming plan.
As predicted, this tale becomes met with each wonderful and negative comments after the media observed it. Shannon is proud of making that selection because it has had interesting effects on Grace, read on to look how her daughter became out.

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Health Enthusiast

Shannon Cooper from Brisbane, Australia has spent a large deal of time as an adult analyzing what distinctive varieties of foods do to someone’s body. in step with her, consumed meals can both gasoline someone’s body undoubtedly or poison the frame. She strongly believes in this, and therefore she made a decision in her existence, that some might locate quite controversial.

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“you are what you ate” is every other element that this Australian mom holds on to. The ingredients ate up by way of the animals we devour can also affect our fitness strongly. as an example, free-variety cattle and birds have extra vitamins compared to the ones that are caged. Shannon wanted to position this concept to the test via her new child infant.

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Expert in Food Consumption

Shannon has a number of experiences in wholesome eating. She studied agricultural technological know-how at college, which specializes in a branch of Biology that concentrates on the developing flora which is intended for human intake. After school, she took up a profession as a health and health teacher, so when speaking about food, she’s a professional. Her complete life is based totally on the know-how of the human frame and the food this is placed into it.


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