13 ways knowing about slim tips will get you that body you always dreamed of

You want to lose weight.

Slim tip is the handy way to keep your body fit.

Here are the best 13 slim tips that help you with weight loss :


1) Set mini targets and treat yourself every time you reach one – a new lipstick when you lose three pounds,

a new dress when it’s half a stone! It gives your motivation a boost.

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This may seem like a small slim tip but in reality, it’s a big step to stay focus and lose weight fast.

2) Another slim tip is to Remember that one of the best things about losing weight is that your sex life improves.

No longer feeling self-conscious of your body, there should be no holding you back!


3) An important slim tip is that If you have two cans of standard cola each day and you switched to diet cola,

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in a whole year you can slim and save up to 98,550 calories, equivalent to 28 pounds. That’s two stone!

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And if you ate one less chocolate digestive each day for a year, expect to lose 9lb.


4) This slim tip is based on protein …Opt for high-protein foods such as meat, fish, and pulses

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– they turn off the dreaded “I’m hungry” messages in your brain more quickly than fats and carbohydrates.


5) Another slim tip is to try dieting with special occasions in mind

– like a wedding or a holiday. It’s good to have a goal.


6) Save your treats for the weekend. By then, you’ll have been good for five days and probably won’t feel like them then.

Why spoil five days hard work?


7) This slim tip emerges from the fact that Chooses happy, colorful food. Red and yellow peppers, red apples, tomatoes, lose weight fast

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and carrots make you feel more positive about making lower-fat choices. What’s more, they’re rich in vitamin C.


8) Another slim tip is  Stop putting it off until tomorrow. If you are serious start slimming right NOW.

lose weight fast

The sooner you get going the sooner you will feel the benefits.


9)  Another common yet extremely important slim tip is to set yourself realistic targets.

Trying to lose too much weight too soon is why so many people fail.


10) Take one day at a time. If you’ve over-indulged, don’t panic or give up.

Just get back on your eating plan the next day.


11) Throw away the TV remote control NOW and get moving!

Introducing exercise into your life makes all the difference.

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Walk up the stairs at work, take the dog for a walk, get up to switch TV channels and walk to the post-box instead of driving.

12) Keep a food diary, so you can see exactly what you are eating and drinking.

So under this slim tip, you are going to put in a fourth column, under the heading “Why?”

and be honest when you ask yourself why you had that extra chocolate bar.

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13) Believe in yourself so you can start your weight loss plan and stick to it


Here were 13 slim tips to be kept in mind and followed to reach your desired shape and size.

because you know a slimmer body will decrease your risk for various illnesses as well as help you feel better about yourself.

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