3 Reasons to eat popcorn to lose weight

Popcorn to lose weight: is popcorn healthy to lose weight?

You may be questioning if popcorn may be a healthy snack if you are making an attempt to slenderize.

On one hand, it’s high in fiber and low in calories compared to most snack foods.

But, you cant use popcorn to lose weight if you douse it in butter because you will be obtaining additional calories than you bargained for.

Snacking itself isn’t a foul thing—it will fuel you till your next meal and can also be an excellent place to urge in some food teams you are missing in your alternative meals.

popcorn to lose weight

however, some snacks, like popcorn, are higher than others and also the best snacks you can eat  low in calories, high in nutrition and facilitate keep you full for a protracted time.


Of all the doable snack foods out there, popcorn stands out close to the highest of the list.

Now, popcorn has gotten a foul rep from the movie-theater variety—loaded with calories and peculiar ingredients because of the ginormous portion sizes and “buttery” topping.

Diet popcorn to lose weight:

Why You Need Popcorn to lose weight: Eating popcorn to lose weight


popcorn to lose weight

Popcorn may be a whole grain
The term “whole grain” might arouse mind loaves of bread speckled with bran or a bowl of oatmeal, however, popcorn additionally counts.

In fact, popcorn eaters get 250% additional whole grains in their diet than people that do not eat popcorn.

And like alternative whole grains, popcorn is high in fiber (women would like twenty-five grams and men would like thirty-eight grams in their diets daily).


 3 Reasons for eating popcorn to lose weight:

popcorn to lose weight

1- Popcorn helps to lose weight: Popcorn has smart nutrition stats:

Not solely is popcorn high in fiber, it even delivers some supermolecule.A

1-ounce serving (about 3½ cups) has four grams of fiber, nearly four grams of supermolecule

and clocks in at one hundred ten calories. this mixture makes it a snack with endurance.



2-Popcorn has antioxidants:

It may be stunning, however, popcorn is chockablock of polyphenols, constant compounds found in berries and tea

that are connected to heart health and a lowered cancer risk.

3-Popcorn is low in calories:

popcorn to lose weight
chips vs popcorn calories

Popcorn is full of air (think regarding however tiny the kernels are compared to when they are popped).

as a result of it’s ethereal, you get a reasonably massive portion while not tons of calories.

you’ll eat three whole cups of popcorn for under a hundred calories.

When you are desire a salty snack, reach for popcorn rather than chips.

in step with a study in Nutrition Journal, popcorn not solely provides additional short-run fullness

compared to the cooked taters, it additionally reduces feelings of hunger for those trying to manage weight and watch their calories.

popcorn to lose weight

and you’ll nosh three cups of air-popped kernels—which counts as a serving of whole grains—

for a constant quantity of calories, you’d get from regarding nine plain potato chips.


You can start eating Popcorn to lose weight actually, bound healthy carbs will assist you to lose weight fast —and air-popped popcorn is one in all them.

Portion-wise, it’s a lower calorie per unit volume than several alternative snacks.

You get additional bang for your caloric buck, and since popcorn speckled from advanced carbs,

it’ll digest additional slowly, keeping you fuller longer.

Hope you enjoyed this article guys and commence using popcorn in your diets to lose weight fast.

Did you try the popcorn benefits before to lose weight easier?

can’t wait for your answers below guys

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