If You Eat Onion Every Day, This Can Happen to Your Body[ Number #5 is really hard to believe]

Onions have been popular for a very long time. As Egyptians return from 2500 before. They are said to represent immortality because they are built from the center’s United layers. We cannot promise that eating onions will give you immortality, but it can certainly improve the quality of your health, thanks to its countless benefits.

Onions are highly nutritious, featuring good amounts of protein and fiber as well as vitamin C, selenium, folate, and various antioxidants. Even the tear-inducing sulfuric compounds in onions, notably allicin, deliver health benefits such as reducing your risk of cancer. Eating some onion every day can really do a body good.

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Nowadays, onions are one of the most versatile ingredients around, and they appear in tons of tasty recipes. You may not even know that they are there in many cases, but we can guarantee that there is some amount of onions in most foods you eat, even if it is only onion powder in your favorite spice mix.

So before you think to say, “I just don’t like onions, ” and scroll by, and know that there are several ways to get onions in your diet, and we have many reasons why you should really eat it. Some of these, especially #5, is really hard to believe.

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1. Lowering Cancer Risk

Onions contain some sulfur organic compounds that give them their distinctive scent

but also work to detoxify the carcinogenic substances that we consume every day. This translates into a reduced risk of lifetime cancer. Research suggests that the greater the number of onions you eat, the greater the protection.

But before you start dieting that contains only onions, know that combining onions with turmeric has a synergistic effect, and that garlic provides similar protection to your body. It’s still a great idea to eat onions every day, but you can add these other ingredients to expand the benefits, instead of eating only the onions, all the time.

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