8 Food Secrets to Lose Weight in Less Than 2 Weeks


this Unbelievable 8 Food Diet Secrets helps you to Lose Weight Fast with no exercises needed :

8 # Sorbets instead of ice cream:

lose weight fast

 there are some benefits to choosing sorbets, they contain no fat and almost twice fewer

calories which help you lose weight fast, 137 calories of sorbet to 277 calories of ice cream.

7 # Gingerbread instead of chocolate:

lose weight fast

if you are craving something sweet go for gingerbread, it is actually healthy and much lighter,

it can help you if you have a stomachache and if you suffer from motion sickness.

see yourself 535 calories for 3.5 ounces of chocolate to 230 calories for the same amount of gingerbread.

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6 # Tuna its own juice instead of tuna in oil:

lose weight fast

you should choose canned tuna in its own juice this contains much less fat and many

more vitamins A, B12, D, E, amino acids and healthy substance iodine potassium iron phosphorus.

tuna its own juice has 96 calories for 3.5 ounces while tuna in oil 190 calories.

5 # Popcorn instead of trail mix:

lose weight fast

Popcorn its nutritious value as 375 calories to that of 607 calories for trail mix.

4 # Fruit instead of cookies:

lose weight fast

 if you choose fruit instead of cookies, you get 8 times fewer calories,  

417 calories for cookies, while 56 calories for fruit.

there are a great supplier of energy there are also good for healthy hair and treating acne.

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3 # Oatmeal instead of store-bought Muesli:

lose weight fast

 oatmeal with fruits and nuts is much healthier than muesli that you get at the supermarket,

it contains 375 calorie muesli against 184 calories in oatmeal.

2 # Frozen potatoes instead of fresh potatoes:

lose weight fast

both kinds of potato are nearly identical in their contents they have 77 calories,

the only difference that if you go for frozen potatoes you will feel full longer.

afterward, this occurs because frozen potatoes contain a healthier kind of starch.

They need less oil for preparation as they already contain more moisture.

1 # Veggie chip instead of potato chips: 

lose weight fast

536 calorie potato chips to 221 calories for veggie chips. 

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vegetable chips contain many vitamins required by our body,

 there are backed therefore don’t have a lot of fat needed for frying potato chips.


Hope these healthy secrets will help you losing weight fast and to get your dream body in no time.  



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