Forget everything you’ve always been told about high-fat foods making you put on weight.

An exciting new diet, backed by recent scientific research,

says that eating high fat actually helps you slim!

For years health experts have been telling us to cut down on our fat intake

but Now eating fat is not necessarily bad, and a fat diet

which is high in protein and fat, but low in carbohydrates will make you lose weight fast.

Aptly called The High Fat Diet, it claims to help you shift up to 10lb in just 14 days.

the diet is based on eating high-fat, carb-free meals.

so this new fat diet theory will help for weight loss on a diet of food such as steak, butter, and eggs.

high carb diet

and we should be avoiding carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, sugar, and bread.

fat has been wrongly demonized as the main cause of obesity when actually the opposite is true.

In other words, you need to eat more fat to shift excess fat.

this fat diet is literally turns everything you thought you knew about weight loss on its head

So, if you’re tired of counting calories, feeling hungry and eating bland low-fat diet foods

lose weight fast

only to see no change on the scales, then this could be the diet for you:

two weeks of enjoying high-fat foods such as nuts, steak, avocado, butter, and even cream.and finally losing that spare tire boot

Other important tips that with this High Fat Diet you can lose weight simply by increasing your fat quota.

How high-fat diet weight loss works?

Eating a diet high in fat and low in carbs means your body has no choice

but to use up some of its fat stores to do the tasks it needs to do each day

meaning you lose weight as a result.

fat diet

The science behind this is the impact fat has on the hormone called insulin.

Released when you eat, insulin’s job is to shuttle glucose

the sugar our body normally uses for energy – into cells where it can be used as fuel.

How much insulin you produce depends on which foods you consume.

Sugar and carbohydrates (which your body converts quickly into glucose)

produce the highest levels of the hormone.

Protein, which takes a bit more effort to turn into glucose, creates a smaller rise.

Dietary fat, however, requires several complicated steps

to convert to glucose and therefore doesn’t trigger any direct rise in insulin at all.

Swap to a fat diet that consists of a lot of high-fat foods and very few carbohydrates

and you can create a situation where insulin is low and you effectively remove your body’s normal source of fuel.

This means to get the energy it needs, the body switches to using existing fat stores instead,

–  state scientists call ‘ketosis’.

Every time a little bit of fat leaves the cells to be used as energy,

the fat cells get smaller and lighter – and more importantly, so you

 How does a high-fat diet work for hunger pangs?

No more hunger pangs:

fat diet


why is fat so filling? Hunger is a common reason people find diets hard to stick to,

but it’s very hard to feel hungry eating just fat and protein for several reasons:

Firstly the ketones, released during ketosis as you start to burn fat for fuel, suppress appetite.

The combination of fat and protein also avoids the sudden peaks and troughs in blood sugar that cause food cravings.

And, finally, fat digests very slowly, keeping you fuller for longer.

In addition to these physical effects, fat is also mentally satisfying – we enjoy eating it,

so unsurprisingly many people on low-fat diet miss the creamy sensation it offers.

This killer combination of mental and physical factors means

that diets containing high-fat levels are more satisfying and easier to stick to than low-fat regimes.

Here were the high-fat diet slim tips to be kept in mind and followed to reach your desired weight



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