WHAT is the best way to lose weight fast? and HOW can you lose weight in 2019?
How much do you really want to be slim? Maybe you’re one of the millions of women who are not too worried about their weight but fed up with their shape. Let’s face it, winter has its compensations.

You can hide a lot of lumps under a long, thick sweater.
But the day of reckoning has arrived and you are going to have to put on a T-shirt and shorts. So how’s your body shaping up to the challenge?

The good news is that it’s fashionable to have real, feminine curves again. Clothes are soft and flowing, make-up tones are shimmering, pink and pretty, and you can finally relax.

Forget ferrying between the gym and the sunbed or thinking up a new excuse not to go out for that meal. The figure is back, and what’s more, you’re going to have time to enjoy the benefits.

Which is where my great new DIET PLAN and the best way to lose weight fast comes in.

It’s your best way to lose weight fast ever because my philosophy is simple: eat plain, eat frequently and eat small.

If you’re determined, it can take as little as six days to lose an all-over total of six inches of fat or even more from your waist, hips, thighs and all around your body.

If you’re a food addict, any diet plan is difficult. What I try to do is make it easier for you to be self-disciplined, because you don’t get a great figure by simply wishing for it.

I am a great believer in eating. Food isn’t fattening; it’s nourishing.

People get fatter because they eat too much and take too little exercise.

All you have to do is adjust the mixture until you’re eating enough for a steady weight, and exercising to stay firm and supple.

Looking good is about more than just losing weight.

We all know someone who’s lost weight and still looks a mess.

best way to lose weight fast

For that reason, exercise has to be the main part of any slimming programme so just a five-minute workout every day and you’ll soon feel the difference.

Being slim will give you more confidence in life because being your own woman means choosing the shape you want to be.

The best way to lose weight fast is that You must eat every THREE hours

And once you’ve cracked it, you’ll wonder why you wasted all those years feeling so bad.

Fast way to lose weight:


1-You must have a snack before bedtime

2-NO foods are unlimited – not even salads or fruit

3-You must drink a glass of water with each meat

4-NO high-bran products – especially if you have bloating

5-Try to eat your main meal at lunchtime.

The best way to lose weight fast: Weight loss program

Is by following this diet(its an easy diet plan): the fast way to lose weight

best way to lose weight fast

The problem with most diets is that they leave you listless, depressed, tearful and unable to enjoy your new figure. In between times, you’re irritable, jumpy and in discomfort from hunger.

You’ve probably also got a raging headache and can’t sleep.

This is all caused by lack of nutrients, lack of water and low blood sugar, and to my mind, it’s a high price to pay for being slim.

The good news is that on my weight loss diet plan you’ll feel none of these things, you’ll still lose weight and look beautiful.

This weight loss diet plan lasts for six days out of every seven, though if you want to lose only a few pounds try it for five days.

It’s unrealistic to expect anyone to watch what they eat every single day, so you can look forward to a couple of days each week which is your “sweet” days, your “curry” days or whatever else takes your fancy.

As long as you don’t go berserk, these days off won’t do you any harm, and will actually keep you better balanced nutritionally.

Weight loss diet:


best way to lose weight fast
  • Two slices of multigrain bread.
  • One portion of fish or chicken.
  • One serving (85g dry weight) of either pasta or rice.
  • One 225g potato, baked, boiled or mashed.
  • One pint skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.
  • One orange, two apples and a bunch of grapes.


A glass of apple juice

120g muesli with semi-skimmed milk sweetened with one tbsp of honey.


A glass of fresh orange juice 2 slices of wholegrain bread with tuna filling and a side salad of grilled mushrooms, rocket and cucumber

Fruit of your choice.


7 tbsp cooked wholewheat pasta,

1 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese, and salad.

So,  otherwise what is the best way to lose weight fast?

Here are simple, but effective, the best way to lose weight fast and cut the fat

The best way to lose weight fast:12 steps

How to lose weight fast without exercise:

best way to lose weight fast

1. Hit the gas early

College of New Jersey researchers found men who started a 30-minute running workout at high speed,

working at 70% of their VO2 max, and then eased up to 50% of VO2 max burned five to 10% more fat than those who started slow and then revved up the pace.

Turns out taking the bus or train is as good for your body as it is for your wallet and the environment.

In one recent study from two Pennsylvania universities, researchers found that people who switched from driving everywhere to using a light-rail system lost an average of about 2.7 kilograms in a year.

Walking the extra blocks it takes to get to and from bus stops and train stations increase your activity level enough to result in weight loss.

2. Drink coffee, black:

best way to lose weight fast

A study in the Journal of Physiology and Behaviour found that drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee could boost your metabolism by 16% compared with the decaf kind. Make sure to drink it black, though.

The 67 calories in a spoonful of sugar and a tablespoon of cream can negate caffeine’s calorie-burning benefit.

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3. Blot pizza with a napkin

best way to lose weight fast
Dabbing a napkin to soak up any pizza grease before eating it can help cut out up to four and a half grams of fat per slice – around 40 calories.

You’ll dab off about 4.5g of fat a or close to 40 calories per slice. Of course, depending on the pizza and your toppings, the amount of excess oil you can remove varies. If you want a healthier slice, I prefer one loaded with vegies.


4. Avoid vodka

best way to lose weight fast

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking even as little as 28.35 grams of vodka can slow your metabolism by as much as 73%.

5. Douse food in Tabasco

best way to lose weight fast
the white membrane of chili peppers rev up your metabolism 

Capsaicin a the spicy compound found in the white membrane of chili peppers a has been shown to rev up your metabolism and can torch somewhere near an extra 50 calories. …

6.Body weight training:

best way to lose weight fast

also, another best way to lose weight fast is by using your own body weight as a form of resistance is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and increase your metabolic rate.

Along with this, working a multiple of joints at the same time will quickly tone and shape the muscles all over your body.

Good example exercises are press ups, squats, lunges, and abdominal planks.

Exercise regularly Getting your body and mind into a regular routine of exercise achieves two goals: it both creates a good habit in your life and ensures you regularly burn calories over a long period of time.

7. Get Enough Sleep:


best way to lose weight fast

MAKING sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night gives you a great boost when trying to lose body fat.

A lack of sleep dramatically disrupts your hormonal system, having a great impact on how much fat you burn and in some cases causing you to store more body enjoy sleeping!

8.Exercising first

Don’t eat before exercising Firstly, yes it’s the best way to lose weight fast it makes your workout less efficient because your body diverts energy to digest your food.

Secondly, aerobic exercise sends your metabolism soaring for several hours afterward – so if you eat them, you’ll burn it off faster.

9.Getting up early:


best way to lose weight fast

Get out of bed `Getting up an hour earlier can burn off many extra

calories. Even doing some early morning housework increases your metabolic rate 2.2 times above its normal level.

10.Snack between meals:

Healthy snacking helps to steady blood sugar levels. By`healthy’ we mean fruit and sticks of veg, not Pringles. and as I said before the best way to lose weight fast is that you must eat every 3 hours

11. Cut down on sugar


best way to lose weight fast

Sugar is a major cause of sluggish metabolism. `

When you eat sugar, the body releases insulin, This is the hormone that transports sugar to the muscles and liver where it’s designed to be used immediately as energy.

Eat too much sugar and extra insulin is produced to store it in the fat cells. Meantime your liver gets clogged up and your metabolism slows.

so the best way to lose weight fast is to Cut down on food with more than 18g of sugar per 100g. Sugar junkies should try milk thistle tincture to declog the liver.

12. Get your vitamins


best way to lose weight fast

Many nutritionists believe you’ll lose weight faster if you’re getting all the nourishment you need. If you don’t get all your nutrients, your body won’t function as efficiently and weight loss will be slower But it’s almost impossible to get all your vitamins and minerals when you’re on a diet, so supplements are very useful. So, the best way to lose weight fast is to stock up on multi-vitamins.


So, Whether you’ve vowed to lose seven kilograms or 70, the best way to lose weight fast cited above will help you make achieving your weight-loss resolution a little easier and faster.


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