Simple Diet – Meal plans: EXTREMELY Simple and Effective diet


so damn easy diet plans


Summer’s almost here so it’s time for sun, sea,
sand – and squeezing yourself into a bikini.

But how can you motivate yourself to shift the lard?

Off-the-shelf diets can be a good psychological and physical tactic, especially in the first few weeks.
When you follow strict rules you’re more aware of what you’re eating and if you’re cheating.

A prepackaged diet plan can be a good way to kickstart a weight-loss programme because all the thinking is done for you,

Your willpower will be stronger at the beginning,

and if you know you’ll only be on the diet for a week or two you’re more likely to see it through.

And once you start seeing results, you’ll hopefully be encouraged to make long-term changes.’

so, If you are aiming for a slimmer, healthier body in time for summer,
why not choose one of these diet plans that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

1,400 calories a day diet plans

The Pasta Diet plans :

BREAKFAST DIET PLANS ( for every day)

140g Ready Brek with 150ml milk. (200 calories)

OR :
2 Two slices granary toast, butter. (200 calories)
Plus tea, coffee or fresh orange juice.


1 apple and 1 banana and a small carton of fresh orange juice. (222 calories)


One carton plain fruit “live” yogurt with one banana and one satsuma.
1 Walnut Whip, 1 small carton of pure apple juice. (425 calories)


All served with a colorful, mixed salad and a large glass of water.
Choose your diet plans from:

1 Pasta Primavera.* (278 calories)
2 Spaghetti Carbonara.* (260 calories)
3 Macaroni Cheese and Tomatoes.* (488 calories)
4 Pasta with Lemon and Dill.* (198 calories)
5 Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Dill.* (236 calories)
6 Tuna and Pasta Bake (M & S or Sainsbury’s). (475 calories)
7 Stir-fried Peppered Chicken breast with Creme Fraiche and Pasta Shapes.* (353 calories)
8 10oz tin spaghetti on 2 slices wholemeal toast. (320 calories)



Choose your diet meal plans from :
1 6oz jacket potato, tomato, and cucumber, 1 satsuma or orange. (160 calories)

230g Bran Flakes or any unsweetened cereal with sliced apple and few flaked nuts,

with 150ml skimmed milk. (230 calories).


follow these 1,400 calories diet meal plans for  7 days to start seeing the results you are aiming for.