All the Ways That Aluminum Foil Can Change Your Life

Did you know that aluminum is one of the very few metals from the crust of the earth? Aluminum forms about 1.59% of the Earth and about 8.3% of the Earth’s crust. No wonder people started using it by the 5th century, although they didn’t know much about it at the time. But besides that, aluminum has lots of uses. These aluminum foil hacks will undoubtedly make you respect the precious metal even more.

Here are the many ways in which aluminum foil can make your life easier and thus better…

Fresh Bananas Anyone?

Did you know that the banana is the only fruit that never faces an insect attack? But it contains high amounts of reacting agents that make it prone to fast decaying. Strangely, aluminum foil can slow down its rotting process by breaking the air contact.

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Putting aluminum around its top stem will slow down the process of decay. The foil will slow the reaction enough for you to enjoy the stash of bananas for days, even a week or more.

Natural Light Dispenser for Dark a Corner

If you have a cabinet in which the drawers or shelves are deep, chances are they’re going to have dark corners. They don’t get enough natural light. And you don’t want any places where cockroaches are drawn to.


So what you can do is place aluminum foil on your cabinet shelves. It will reflect light to every corner, decreasing the darkness and obviously, the number of insects.

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Pocket-Friendly Cookie Molds

Spending a holiday with loved ones and making cookies of different shapes and types is fun. Children, adults and even the elders of the family enjoy cookies. It’s a great way to interact and learn.

The fun part about making cookies is that you can make any shape and size of cookies. All you need is a folded strip of aluminum foil that you can bend, mold, and curve to form the shape you desire. So, don’t just make cookies, make memories too.

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