All the hacks you never thought of for plastic wrap.


All the hacks you never thought of for plastic wrap.

Poached Eggs

You can make poached eggs in little pouches made out of plastic wrap. What you do is drop the pouches in boiling water and cut them open to serve. Line a tiny cup with plastic wrap and coat it in oil. Crack an egg inside, gather up the sides, and twist it into a pouch, then tie it up.


Drop the pouches into boiling water to cook and when they’re ready just cut the wrap with scissors and serve.


A Tablet Protector

Like many of us these days, using a tablet is the new cookbook. It’s so much easier to watch a tutorial on how to cook something online than to read a cookbook. But that means your tablet might get all messy.

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All you have to do is wrap your device with saran wrap, and it will be the protective layer you need. Oh, and the best part is that your touchscreen will still work!


Keep Paint From Drying Out

When it comes time to paint, keep a roll of plastic wrap handy. Add several layers around the handle to improve your grip and prevent blisters too.


You can also wrap the paint roller tightly in plastic wrap which will help prevent the roller from drying out. All these tricks and you can call yourself a pro!
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