5 ways to relax in less than ten minutes

To fight stress and anxiety you do not need much. Here are some tips to learn how to relax in less than ten minutes and regain control of the situation.

Do not think that the climbs of stress only happen to you! We all know this at a time of the day: suddenly we can not manage our stress anymore and we feel that our head will explode. That’s why we provide you here with valuable tips for relaxing quickly.

Far from being a waste of time, relaxing can reduce stress. This is an important reason because stress can have serious consequences for our health.

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We have gathered for you the five best ways to relax in less than ten minutes. These tips, once applied, will allow you to resume your activities in peace and be more effective.

1. Eat a sandwich

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eat a sandwich to relax
Spending many hours in front of the computer or doing an activity in the same place for long hours can cause a feeling of anxiety that is not normal. In these cases, you can relax while eating a delicious sandwich.

Some foods and drinks help reduce anxiety. We share here with you four of them.


Chocolate is always a faithful companion. Few people do not like a small square of chocolate.

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In addition to being a delicious food, chocolate helps prevent anxiety and control nerves. This is particularly the case of dark chocolate which helps us to effectively reduce the level of cortisol in the blood. It helps us to move away from stress and depression.

“It’s amazing that a product can both relax and improve our attention,” says Larry Stevens, professor of psychology at the University of Arizona.

Black tea

Black tea is another great choice when it comes to relieving stress. Recent studies show that L-theanine, a substance found in black tea, helps to relax the body.

Having a cup of black tea when you can not take it any longer will help lower your cortisol levels and soothe you instantly.

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The mango

If possible, always have a mango in your bag.

Thanks to its linalool ceontent, this delicious tropical fruit is a great food to reduce stress.

Chewing gum

This is the simplest option: it’s easy to always have a packet of chewing gum in your bag.