31 awesome health hacks everyone should know

You don’t have to compete in a triathlon to feel the thrill of making a healthy change. Even a little shift from your usual routine can bring you all kinds of benefits. And when that small tweak is fun and easy? Count us in!

We rounded up expert-recommended healthy moves that’ll give you that ‘I-did-something-different’ energy. Try just one—if you can! But don’t be surprised if that first small step makes you sign up for the whole month’s worth.

1. Dance, dance

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Not only does it feel great, research shows that dancing can make the brain younger, says brain health researcher Marc Milstein, PhD. Your mind thrives on activities that give you both a physical and mental workout, so busting a couple of moves can be one of the most enjoyable ways to get that double benefit. The mental challenge comes from learning new steps, so pull up YouTube and master the Floss, the Twerk or the feel-good Jitterbug!

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2. Eat a bigger breakfast

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You read that right—eating a hefty morning meal may be good for your health and your weight. A 2013 study from the journal Obesity found that women who ate the majority of their calories for breakfast lost more weight and felt more full than women who consumed most of their calories at dinner. Try it!